Japan Fixes 100 Foot Fukuoka City Sinkhole...In 7 Days!

Last week, Japan was facing the mother of all sinkholes, one that rapidly grown to eat up most of a 5 lane street. 

Japan Fixes 100 Foot Fukuoka City Sinkhole...In 7 Days!

— アミナ (@Amina_O114) November 8, 2016
Japanese workers toiled continuously for a week, dumping huge amounts of wet cement and sand into the gaping hole and fixing electricity, gas and water lines that had stopped following the accident.

How Japan managed to fill up and pave a sinkhole estimated to be roughly half the size of an Olympic swimming pool is a case study for India, which can't fix potholes in major cities.

apan even apologised for the disruption to its people!Day and night, trucks came laden with cement, filling up the hole until it was completely erased, before it was paved over.  Within hours, power and gas lines were installed to repair the damaged lines - and everything was back to normal in exactly 7 days.

Soichiro Takashima, the city mayor says the street is now 30 times stronger than before.

Watch the transition in motion here

Japanese road reopens one week after vast sinkhole appeared!