Ancient India - A Journey into the Ancient and Mysterious World Of Most Amazing Indian Temples

  • When we look at the history of architecture in ancient temples and sculptures in India, often think of the history of construction tools, methods and how things were built. 
  • To understand why things were constructed the way they were in prehistory, we also need to rely on archaeology to record the form of the parts that survive and the tools used, and other branches of history and architecture to investigate how the builders lived and recorded their accomplishments.

Ancient India - A Journey into the Ancient and Mysterious World Of Most Amazing Indian Temples

#1. Krishna's Butter Ball | Advanced Ancient Technology

Ancient Indian Rock Cutting Technology 
A careful examination of the sculptures in Indian Temples and the Monuments built by Indian Kings reveal more about the Indian way of Life and their scientific advancements.

One may also learn about the instruments they had used in executing these marvels of Architecture.

The 180 tons of single Granite Kalasam atop the Thanjavur Brahadeeswra Temple,

How did the people find such a single piece in a terrain devoid of Mountains?

How did they transport it, considering the fact that they had only carts and Horses?

And how did they move that single piece to the top of the Temple Tower?

We also find that there are astronomically aligned temples, structures where Sun/Moonlight falls on a specific place at a specific time on a specific day.

#2. Mysterious Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi Temple

Now in many a temple we find minute holes in the Idols and structures.

In Suchindram,Tamil Nadu, one would find that if one were to insert a long piece of thin iron rod in one year of the Idol of Hanuman, it comes out from the other side!

In Many Shiva temples one would find a small hole drilled behind the Idol in the sanctum, through which sir blows.

One can see this, among many temples, in Kalahasthi, Earth Element temple of Lord Shiva.

Most of the ancient monuments at Mahbalipuram in Tamil Nadu,one can see the Micro drilling technology at work.

Perfect circle has been made.

Minute holes are found in hard Granite.

This is not possible without advanced drilling technology which came to the world, according to the west very recently.

#3. Yaganti Sri Uma Maheswara Temple, Growing Nandi, Agastya Pushkarini, Yaganti Caves

#4. Amazing Video Of Growing Nandi | Yaganti Basavaiah

#5. Advanced Ancient Drilling Technology in India

#6. 1300 year Old Optical illusion at Mahabalipuram | Ancient Monuments | Ancient Advanced Technology

#7. 600 Year Old Mural Paintings in India | Lepakshi Temple

#8. Advanced Ancient Micro Drilling Technology in India

#9. Biggest Granite Monolithic Nandi Sculpture in the World at Lepakshi

The biggest monolithic Nandi in India.

#10. Wonders Of Mahabalipuram | A UNESCO World Heritage site

#11. Shore Temple at Mahabalipuram | Ancient Monuments

#12. Descent of the Ganges - Arjuna's Penance | Mahabalipuram

#13. 600 year Old Optical illusion carving at Lepakshi - 3 Faced Cow

#14. Tsunami Temple | Shore Temple | Monuments Of Mahabalipuram