Ancient India - A Journey into the Ancient and Mysterious World Of Most Amazing Indian Temples

  • When we look at the history of architecture in ancient temples and sculptures in India, often think of the history of construction tools, methods and how things were built. 
  • To understand why things were constructed the way they were in prehistory, we also need to rely on archaeology to record the form of the parts that survive and the tools used, and other branches of history and architecture to investigate how the builders lived and recorded their accomplishments.

#15. Ancient Indian Women Wore High Heels 800 Years Ago!

#16. Ancient Indian Women illustrating How To Apply Make Up in this 800 year old sculpture

#17. The Ancient Monuments - 800 year Old Granite Sculptures of Lepakshi Temple

#18. Stunning Ancient Monument Beside Bhima's Kitchen and Krishna's Butter Ball

#19. Most Beautiful Sculpture at Lepakshi Temple

#20. Most Amazing and Stunning Sculptures Of Natyamantapam at Lepakshi Temple

#21. 600 year Old Unfinished Marriage Hall at Lepakshi Temple