World's biggest Samosa made in India

World's Biggest Samosa which weighs 387.7 kgs has been made in Maharajganj, Lucknow. A Group of 12 Youth broke the earlier record (110 kg Samosa) set by Bradford College in UK. 

World’s biggest Samosa breaks record in Uttar Pradesh

World's biggest Samosa made in India

Ritesh Soni who runs a restaurant at Gopal Nagar colony told he decided to make World's Largest Samosa after he came to know that World's Largest Jalebi was created by a person in Maharajganj in 2015. The Group spent Rs 40,000 towards expenditure of making the World's Largest Samosa. The ingredients used for the preparation - 1.75 quintal wheat flour, two quintal potatoes, 90 litres of refined oil and required amount of spices. 

After the preparation, Samosa is found to be 3-metre high when measured. The three sides of it measured 2 metre, 1.5 metre and 1.5 metre respectively. And the Radius is close to 36 inches. 

The boys have filmed the entire preparation process. They would be sending the footage to the Guinness Book of World Records for recognition.