Top Celebs who are Royal Enfield Fans


Top Celebs who are Royal Enfield Fans

Brad Pitt

Hollywood’s most successful actor, Brad Pitt loves riding the Royal Enfield. He is a motorcycle lover and owns the Royal Enfield Bullet 350, an old school but classic ride. He is one of the many proud celebrities who own the British-Indian two wheeled legend.


Top Celebs who are Royal Enfield Fans


One of the famous actresses of Bollywood, Gulpanag is one among the few celebrity women motorcycle enthusiasts. She has a keen liking for Royal Enfield and is often spotted riding a cast iron engine Royal Enfield Electra 350 on Mumbai roads. She is an avid biker and is also seen riding bikes in her movies. She has also used the bike during her wedding where she zipped away with her groom in the side-car that was attached to Royal Enfield Bullet bike after the wedding.


Top Celebs who are Royal Enfield Fans

John Abraham

Bollywood’s handsome hunk John Abraham has a penchant for bikes and his love for monsterous bikes is known throught the country. He has an enviable collection of Yamaha super bikes among others. Interestingly, John Abraham also owns a Royal Enfield. He made custom changes to this bike from Rajputana customs and made it a cruiser bike to set his taste and style.


Top Celebs who are Royal Enfield Fans

Jonty Rhodes

South African cricketer, who now turned fiedldign coach for Mumbai Indians IPL team, is one more ardent fan of the Royal Enfield. It is well known that he is so much in love with India that he named his daughter after our country. And he rides the Royal Enfield Classic 500, one of the finest retero motor bikes from our country.


Top Celebs who are Royal Enfield Fans


Malayalam superstar, Mohanlal is the proud owner of the swanky Royal Enfield Classic Chrome 500. Meanwhile in Kerala, Bullet 350 is a huge hit and it appeals to a large crowd. Mohanlal is also seen using a Bullet in many of his films. Royal Enfield had to make necessary changes to the bike as Keralites like the bike with heavy cranks, which are cast iron engine bikes. Mohanlal is seen riding the bike at his leisure.


Top Celebs who are Royal Enfield Fans

Varun Dhawan

Bollywood’s one of the youngest heartthrobs, Varun Dhawan is an ardent fan of the Royal Enfield. He owns a 500cc unit construction engined Royal Enfield. The bike is custom painted in green colour. Varun is one of the most recent celebrity converts to Royal Enfield.


Top Celebs who are Royal Enfield Fans

Aditya Roy Kapoor

Aditya Roy Kapoor is the proud owner of not just one, but two Royal Enfield motorbikes. Both of his bike sare pre unit construction engine ones. He is often seen riding the two bikes; one is a black colored cast iron Royal Enfield 500 that he uses more frequently and the other is the AVL engined Machismo 500 LB.


Top Celebs who are Royal Enfield Fans

Jackie Shroff

Jackie Shroff owns what can probably be called the most wildest and fancy Royal Enfield. This custom made bike was built by Varenchi Customs and it looks like a skeleton. Dubbed as the Skeletor, this bike reminds us of what Nicholas cage rides in the film Ghost Rider. One can only imagine the effect this bike can have on roads.