The Most Dangerous Road In The World - Himalayas!

  • Mick Fowler and his friends took a trip up the Himalayas.
  • He leaned out the window of the minibus they were riding to film the whole journey as they journey close to the edge of the mountain with an estimated 2,000ft drop.
  • And as they travel, they came to a point where the road is so narrow that one of them needed to get down, walk ahead of the van, and guide the driver to make sure that it can safely get through. 

The Most Dangerous Road In The World - Himalayas!

The video ended as they passed through an impressive waterfall making Mick’s seat a pool of water because he was not able to close his window just in time.

Killar to Kishtwar Route, Pangi valley in Himachal Pradesh, India

What can be more exciting than climbing a mountain? Well, as brave adventurer Mick Fowler said, “getting to the mountains is just as exciting as climbing them.” And by that he means, taking an insane bus ride up a mountain road in the Himalayas and capturing the terrifying trip in this amazing video.