Travel To God's Own Country - Kerala

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Eco -tourism, Hill station, Forests, Kerala

Travel To God's Own Country - Kerala

The fragile, pristine and undisturbed natural areas of Kerala are best choice for those who wish to explore eco-tourism and adventures in Kerala. The hill station destinations of Kerala are said to be the right choice for ecotourism in the state.

Backwaters and Village life

Travel To God's Own Country - Kerala

The backwaters of Kerala - meandering inland lakes networked by canals - stretch to over 900 km. Boat trips across these tranquil stretches are an experience unique to Kerala.

Beaches of Kerala

Travel To God's Own Country - Kerala

Most of India's finest beaches are in Kerala. For virtually its entire 600 km length, the Kerala coast is lined with sandy beaches, rocky promontories and coconut palms. Each year, greater numbers of visitors arrive here in search of the tranquil, palm-fringed beaches.

Cultural tourism in Kerala

Travel To God's Own Country - Kerala

Gifted with some of the unique classical Dances, art form and festivals, Kerala is said to have a cultural history dates back to a thousand years. The land known for the pooram festivals is also blessed with unique art forms like Theyyam, Kutiyattam and Patayani.

Life in God's Own Country

Travel to Kerala, India!
A beautiful place to discover. The terrain and culture will leave you breathless.
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Travel To God's Own Country - Kerala

“KERALA - Why its called God's Own Country?

God's own country? How Kerala got the name? Kerala located in South india in an extra ordinary land with almost all elements of nature. Kerala is the 100% literate state in India is also famous for tour and tourism. Poets wrote poems about this state and many writers find hard to express the full beauty of this place.Nestled between the pristine waters of the Arabian sea on the west and the lush Western Ghat mountains on the east, its intense network of rivers and lagoons, thick forests, exotic wildlife, tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters and a long shoreline of serene beaches make it a traveler's paradise. God's own country! Paradise !!! The rich cultural heritage , the dance form and the essence of music are so impressive that the tourist will be spell bound by this magic features of kerala. The literary meaning of Kerala is "the land of coconuts". "Kera" in Malayalam (the language of Kerala) means coconut. As Kerala is abundant with coconut plants, it naturally got the name Kerala. In Kerala, you can find Coconut trees everywhere. The state has such wonderful and magnificent attractions beyond one's imagination. 

Still we have not covered our core point or the question: How Kerala got that magical tagline "The God's own country"? In fact even many of the Malayalees, the son of the soil, don't know how it got that attractive tag-God's own country
it was created by one Mr Walter Mendez, who was also the Creative Director of a reputed Ad agency in India. The creation took birth in the year 1989. Sadly, the man is no more now as he died some 10 years ago. Walter coined the tag on the request of Kerala Tourism Department when the Kerala government wished to market Kerala's high tourism potentialities before the travel world. The phrase "God's own country" did wonders. Also it had a magical impact. The tourists changed their travel plans and made Kerala their preferred destination when they noticed the ads in tourism magazines and other periodicals. They longed to experience and feel the luxury of "God's own country". As the tag was so catchy, the travel folks easily developed a love to see the land. And they were never disappointed while returning.

Every nook and corner in Kerala you will see Hindu temples, Muslim mosques and Christian Churches; and unlike many other parts of India, people live happily without communal riots and great religious tolerance. Hence it is God's own country full of worship places!

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This is Kerala ..Gods Own Country

About Kerala:
Country- India
Region- South India
Established -1 November 1956
Capital- Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum)
Largest city - Thiruvananthapuram
Largest UA- Kochi
Districts- 14 total

Idukki, District, Kerala

Kerala's largest district, Idukki is one of the most nature-rich areas of the State. Popular hill station Munnar is located in this district.

Munnar Kerala | Waterfalls | Tea garden | Dam | Fog | Spice garden

Munnar Oxy Valley Gardens