Photo Of The Day - Rainbow Mountain

  • Standing 17,060 feet high, the Rainbow Mountain in Peru boasts a wide array of stunning colors. Known to locals as "Montaña de Siete Colores," or "the mountain of seven colors," Rainbow Mountain is actually composed of 14 different minerals. Each one appears as a different hue when exposed to the elements — giving this peak its unique look. 

Each color relates to a different mineral. For example, red-tinted sectors indicate iron oxide that has rusted, the iron in the rocks rusting after exposure to water in rainfall and snowfall.

  • Pink: Red clay, mud, and sand mix to produce a beautiful blushing colour.

  • White: This rich, loamy layer is rich in calcium carbonates like quartz and sandstone.

  • Greens and blues (turquoise): Iron magnesium rocks and phyllites — a fine-grained metamorphic rock — are responsible for some of the most striking colors present.

  • Earthy browns: Eroded rocks and magnesium add depth to the palette.

  • Yellows: Sandstone and limestone, enriched with sulphides, create striking golden bands.

Photo Of The Day  - Rainbow Mountain